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Dear Mom,
You've taught me everything and we have shared so much. My fondest memories are our times spent in the kitchen together. You love cooking and every kitchen gadget that comes with it! You didn't just teach me how to cook, but to love to cook.

Since I know you cherish the art of creating a fine meal, I know you'll cherish this gourmet goodie, Rossi Pasta's Chef's Essentials Gift Tote. It includes almost everything "Rossi," the worlds greatest Italian. It has handmade pastas, pizza dough mixes, lasagnas, bread dough mixes, gourmet sauces, spices and cooking oils. Plus it also has some of your favorite kitchen essential tools: Oven Mitts, White Ceramic Measuring Bowls, Ceramic Spreader and a Rossi Pasta signature tote bag.

Happy Mother's Day

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