About Us

Well, what can we say? As far as pasta goes, it simply doesn't get any better.

That's because the type of flour we employ, the fresh ingredients we incorporate, and the production methods we've developed are far superior to those typical of grocery store pastas - even those imported from Italy.

"Ha!" the traditionalists may say. So we ask them to give it a try. And to this day, after nearly 37 years, we have yet to find a person who hasn't proclaimed our pasta "the best" after that first taste.

It's why companies like Williams-Sonoma, Fresh Fields, Harry & David, and the Greenbrier and Ritz Carlton Resorts have all trusted us to make their very own signature pastas. It's why we've been featured over the years in such publications as GOURMET, BON APPETIT, EATING WELL, COOKS, FOOD AND WINE, THE WASHINGTON POST, THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE, US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT and BUSINESS WEEK. And it's even why we were able to break our own in-house record by appearing in five consecutive Nieman Marcus Christmas Catalogs.

Of course, great pasta isn't all we're famous for. Here you'll also find healthy gourmet gifts, outstanding recipes, and genuinely friendly people. Hey, we're from the Midwest! Call us! We love what we do, and can't wait to share it with you.

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